Steam Review #1

I’ll be reviewing Super Crate Box and Half Minute Hero games available currently on Steam. Both are very innovative in gameplay so this should be interesting.

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PHPixie framework

So as you know I’ve been working on ome of my sites and have released a few Kohana patches for faster execution of simple applications. Well there are some thing that I really want to change in how Kohana handles things, but unfortunately it would actually break a lot of it if I did. Looking at the code it seems that with some editing they could be well released as a standalone system, not relying on Kohana anymore. And that is exactly what I’ve done.

Intoducing the PHPixie framework 1.0! The name comes from pixies, fairy beings that aro fast, small and laborous (at least in some interpretations) which is exactly the way I want this framework to be. So what does it include:

  • An efficient routing system
  • Minimalistic base MVC classes
  • Own implementation of the cascading file system
  • Query Builder
  • ORM
  • Modular architecture

UPDATE: PHPixie has moved to Visit the site for more information.

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Rage Comics Site Finished

Hooray for me. finished my new site, essentilly a collection of rage comics, but with awesome interface.

What i actually learned from it was that webkit transformations are still in the raw, and it seems that CSS3 use for animations is much more theoretical then practical, especially for browsers other then webkit ones.

The ragecomics are pretty awesome, so if you need some check Rage Comics at

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DND Session 3

This is the recording of the next session after the events described below:

This time our adventurers are still fighting the kobolds under the waterfall, and are hardly managing to survive. Will they make it to the keep in one piece?
Check out some more dungeoneering in the previous sessions =)

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DND Session 2

This is the recording of the next session after the events described below:

So this time our heroes went to investigate the kobold lair under the waterfall, and frankly the scenes is not going to look well…

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DND Session 1

This is the recording of the next session after the events described below:

On the previous session, our adventurers were sent to a town of Winterhaven to investigate cultist activity. Unfortunately they were ambushed by kobolds on their road to the city, but managed to get out of it safe.
In the city everyone seems to be baffled by the idea of any cultists nearby, and not everyone even believed that kobolds would attack someone so close to the village.
Still the adventurers were tasked with disposing of the nearest kobold encampment and everything seemed really straightforward, until Sindri spotted someone climbing over the wall at night, probably a spy, they thought. So the next day they were on their way to the kobolds’ lair, but a new ambush awaited…

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Lets Play Simon The Sorcerer

Lets Play Simon The Sorcerer. Join me on my first lets play in the Simon the Sorcerer series. We start of by trying to become a real wizard, similar to like we became real pirates in Monkey Island. A fun and beautifully designed game to play.

In this part of the playthrough I try to do all tasks that open locations in the game. Have fun watching =)

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Lets Play Loom

Lets Play Loom 1992 talkie version. My voice is a bit lazy because of the recording problems, so sorry about that.  The game is pretty short, it takes only like 2 hours to complete blind, if you are careful.

Continue reading

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Speed up your Kohana

I’m using a lot of Kohana in my projects (there are some links to them in the sidebar) some of which receive high traffic while being hosted on a rather modest VPS. So I decided to lighten some of Kogana core to better suit them. Basically the sites are read-only for the most part and have no need for complex HTTP request/response parsing, HMVC and full Kohana stack. As a result I’ve been able to speed sites up by good 25%, so it’s a rather successful result. These are a few patches I made to make the whole system less comples, with simplified classes for Request, Response, Controller etc. The main awesomefeatures are still present, like for example cascading file system etc.

UPDATE: I removed the patches since they are now obsolete (Kohana was updated so I’m not sure they would still apply) and the whole thing was rewritten from the ground up resulting in PHPixie framework. You can find more information about it on

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Let’s Install: Arch Linux

Watch live video from draconyfors on

I am installing Arch Linux on a fresh system, trying to teach you a thing or two about how linux works in general along the way. We will be doing a network based install of the latest Arch Linux distro and use XFCE as a desktop manager. I hope you’ll like this.

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